Energy Distance Healing

If you have health related issues, I can help relieve:

Chronic pain
and a relief from a great many health conditions

My process is very simple. .

1) First tell me why you need healing. Describe to me the problem you are having and/or how you feel

2) Next, email me a photo of yourself with your name that shows you from head to toe. The photo must be current and have been taken sometime in the past two years.

That’s it! I will focus on your case and send  you energy healing for 15 days to make you feel better. The cost is  $15

Perhaps you have an illness, or you suffer from chronic pain

The beauty of Holistic Healing is it takes the WHOLE person under consideration. Most traditional medical staff treat just the body. Holistic goes far beyond that to treat the mind, the spirit, the food you eat, the environment you live and work in, and more. When imbalances occur your health will slide. You can become ill, develop disease, have hard to explain symptoms, or be in pain day after day.

Often when we feel sick, we can’t see the forest for the trees. That’s not meant as an insult. Everyone in medicine knows a patient who is suffering can have a very difficult time figuring out what is making them ill. Even traditional doctors get caught up in this maze and can’t say why you’re sick.

That’s where Holistic Healing comes in to play. 

Let’s get  started! Contact me to begin on the path to feeling better


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