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Constipation symptoms

Constipation Symptoms

Constipation is a medical condition in which a person cannot pass stool for at least a week, or passes a small amount of stool less than three times. Many people experience embarrassing moments. However, many of them do not know if they already suffer from constipation, which is a worrying fact. They will only realize that they are already suffering from constipation when they feel its worst signs. Consequently, treating this condition may involve medical assistance; they could alleviate it by merely changing your diet. In babies, constipation can be a very bothersome experience, which requires careful evaluation by the parents. But is it the reason?

Causes of constipation

Malnutrition and lifestyle
Malnutrition and a sedentary lifestyle without exercise are two causes of constipation discussed above. Those who like to eat low fiber foods are more likely to have the condition of constipation. Foods with fiber are recommended for people who like to eat high-fat foods. Although children do not have constipation, the transition from breastfeeding can cause the child to develop constipation.

Irritable bowel syndrome

There are also medical conditions that can lead to constipation. A condition called irritable bowel syndrome, in which episodes of regular, loose stool occur, or frequent abdominal pain can cause constipation. This disorder is common in babies between 6 months and three years old. Other colon problems can also lead to constipation, such as ganglionic colic. Adults who suffer from inertia or have back injuries and strokes may experience constipation. Diseases like lupus and diabetes can also lead to this intestinal disorder.

Lack of water intake

Another reason for constipation is lower water intake. Drinking water not only means drinking eight glasses of water per day but also adding juices to our daily drink. However, we must be careful with the type of liquid we eat because some can lead to constipation, such as soft drinks. The most common cause of illness in babies is a formula-fed diet with reduced or decreased fluid intake. Adding more liquid to a child’s diet can help treat constipation. Also, babies or even adults who overuse many medications, including laxatives or laxatives, may soon become constipated and become dependent on these medications. Parents are asked to seek medical help when their child has difficulty defecating for a week, as this may require more complicated conditions and the application of appropriate procedures.
Ignores the desire to go to the bathroom

Bad habits, such as neglecting the desire to go to the bathroom, are equally responsible for this condition. We often choose not to use the bathrooms outside the home for this reason. Consequently, we help the stool to become very dry and hard.

Symptoms of constipation

The natural cause of constipation is a weak diet that is exacerbated by inadequate or very intense exercise or stool in the colon. Common symptoms felt by people with constipation,

Breathing and body odor

These are some of the most surprising symptoms of constipation that most people will never think about. However, if you notice that your body’s odor or breathing is stronger and more irritating than usual, you may feel constipated. When we cannot empty our intestines effectively, the colon fills with toxins from the stool released from the pores of the body and in the form of bad breath.

Daily bowel movements

Healthy adults should defecate approximately every 24 hours. That is a general rule, and you may have one more or a little less than that, like every 18 or 27 hours or so, but in general, you should empty your intestines daily. Less frequent bowel movements may be an indication of constipation.

What do healthy stools look like?

It may seem strange to check the shape of the stool, but the stool’s appearance can be an excellent way to determine if you are constipated. Ideally, the stool should be soft but not loose and should come out in one continuous piece that does not sink to the toilet’s bottom. You don’t have to strain to empty your intestine; Feces should be released quickly, in no more than 4 or 5 minutes. Stool that does not meet this description may be symptoms of constipation. Chances are if the stool is tough, hard to pass, and your diet is not rich in enough fiber in small portions.

Abdominal discomfort

Bloating is one of the most bothersome side effects of constipation. When the colon is full, the abdomen swells and often hurts or aches. Bulking can make us feel lazy and uncomfortable in our clothes. More importantly, it is a symptom of constipation that must be a red sign. When you begin to experience bloating, check when you had the last bowel movement and determine if you may experience constipation.

Ways to control constipation

Since you know the causes of constipation, it will be easy to reduce the condition’s extent. Take a look at the treatments listed below that will help protect you against constipation complications without the need for help from prescription medications.

Get your admiration for whole fiber meals.

Fiber is part of food that cannot be digested completely. It helps in enhancing the digestion of food and increase vitamin intake. Insoluble fiber contains more stool, ensuring that stool is transported more quickly. Organic foods like oats, wild rice, wheat bran, vegetables, and fruits are high in fiber.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.

Healthy vegetable juice is an excellent remedy for grip at home. Vegetable contains fiber that helps evacuate. You may have pears, apples, figs, lemons, blueberries, prunes, and dates to make fruit juice. Vegetable juice can be produced from organic cucumbers, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, sprouts, and broccoli. Always select natural vegetables and fruits and stay away from juices that contain sugars or sugar, as they can easily aggravate the condition.


Orange juice increases the tension of the colon muscles, facilitating bowel movement. Lemon juice is also great for constipation, as it will help cleanse the intestinal system. Plum can be an excellent homeopathy treatment for constipation because it can help make stool spongy, therefore, quickly released. Another juice that could be a unique solution for constipation is raspberry juice. This juice contains nutrients that stimulate digestion and the absorption of nutrients in the intestine.

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