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Tribute to Patti Whitefoot-Bobier – Obesity Canada

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It is with great sadness that we inform you that our esteemed  colleague Patti Whitefoot-Bobier passed away on March 13, 2022.

As a talented graphic designer and artist, Patti was an instrumental member of the Obesity Canada team since its inception. Her artistic talents are reflected  in Obesity Canada’s core branding including our logo, website design, and educational and advocacy materials. 

Through her thoughtful use of colors and images, she was able to convey Obesity Canada’s values of respect, diversity, and equity. Patti herself was never in the forefront, however her work always was. Patti was dedicated and worked tirelessly on many projects including the redesign of the Obesity Canada Website, the Canadian Obesity Summits, the Obesity Treatment Report Cards, and the Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines. 

Patti was generous with her time, artistic talent, and design skills. She was a kind and caring person who worked tirelessly to help advance the mission and vision of Obesity Canada for over 16 years. Everyone in our team loved working with Patti.  We are all grieving at her passing, and feel for her family’s loss. We want her family and friends to know just how much she meant to Obesity Canada and how profoundly she will be missed. We are forever grateful to her for sharing her kind spirit with us and for leaving her artistic legacy with our community.


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